Our company has always been focusing on distributing our Glow Elixir® facial beauty products through third-party beauty centres until we met Frederick from FT Synergist. After consultation sessions with him, we concluded that we had to be on the driving seat in order to grow the brand equity, revenue stream and be well known to end consumers.

I decided to engage Frederick from FT Synergist to help me implement a Business Model Transformation project that enables my company to remodel its current approach of selling to 3rd party beauty centres and focus on self-operating a flagship beauty centre where my team of therapists can interact directly with end consumers using exclusively the range of beauty products offered by “Glow Elixir”.

We truly appreciated FT Synergist’s assistance to heighten our understanding of how Glow Elixir® can glow like our brand promise among the competition in the market. The codification of the operational process in running the standalone “Glow Elixir® wellness centre has also empowered my team and I to constantly seek to streamline and improve on the customer experiences to build brand loyalty among the end consumers of Glow Elixir® products.

With the transformation of our business model focusing on a strategic integrated approach to end consumer, we are excited to have Frederick together with us as Glow Elixir™ chart its next growth story.

I got to know Frederick when he was in charge of AKLC Vietnam as one of its higher-ups. He’s a great mentor who made me feel free to ask any inquiry I had in mind. He also manages people well and taught us many things. I now apply most of what I learned from him in my current job. I am greatly indebted to him because he believed in my skills when nobody else saw that potential. He has great knowledge in the field he is in and continues to develop even the people around him. One of the best mentors ever.

I had a chance to work with Frederick when he came to train a franchisee in Vietnam about the business operation. He is a talented leader and cares all detailed things for a business efficiency. He understood all problems and concerns and deliver perfect solutions to solve the problems. To know and to work with him was my good luck, that helps me level up myself in the education sector.

Fred Tan and I have worked together for more than a decade and I have found him to be driven, honest and focused. Fred works and plays hard. Not only does he devote time to his work but he also finds the time, with his family, to support and help out in welfare groups and charity organisations. This dual focus, I believe, helps him to be a well-balanced person. In work and in life, Fred exhibits integrity, kindness and humility. Never afraid to step out of his comfort zone when necessary, Fred constantly challenges himself with new endeavours. He adapts quickly to new situations and can be counted on to be a team player.

Frederick is a visionary leader, with strong business acumen and sound judgment. He was able to predict contingent outcomes from both customer and competitive perspective. Frederick has excellent knowledge of current and future trends, innovations and the business ecosystem. Above all, he is principle-centered and kind-hearted, always setting the objective of helping the underprivileged as a primary objective in every business he embarks on. He is a man who dares to dream and has the determination, capability, talent and management skills to harness resources to make dreams come true.

I worked closely with Frederick during the phase of expansion into Vietnam. Frederick is an able negotiator and businessman who built the platform for the business to grow in Vietnam. He is very experienced in franchising models and also has the business acumen to find the right partners to make the business work. He is very dependable, knowledgeable and determined.

I have known Frederick through business for a couple of years. He is a proven business leader in the area of franchising and consulting. He has built effective teams, implemented sound business models and processes. He values the relationship and is very grounded, with a heart for the underprivileged. A man of integrity.

I had the pleasure of working with Mr. Frederick Tan for 2 years to set up and operate Adam Khoo Learning Centre in Vietnam. He was an extraordinary business partner with the heart of an inspirational educator, and the mind of an efficient business leader. I was personally very touched by his level of support, no matter when or what issue we were dealing with, Frederick was always available, with great solutions and resources. His expertise and experience in systemizing business operation is remarkable. Frederick earns my highest recommendation.

I have known Fred for 30 years and in the last 10 years, worked with him in the education business. He is a man of integrity with strong values. I have always admired Fred for his “never give up” attitude when it comes to challenges in work and life. He will do whatever it takes to ensure that the task is carried through until the very end. He is a dedicated and compassionate business leader who takes care of his staff’s wellbeing and is also a good father and husband to his family.

We have been working with Frederick of FT Synergist since 2016 when we wanted to understand how to scale our food and beverage business through franchising. In 2 years our food outlets grew from 4 to over 30. Frederick helped us through the initial stages of setting up our franchise system from scratch. I was really impressed with the brand audit that he has conducted for us.

The findings of his brand audit brought us attention to the key opportunities for improvement. We started to put in a greater deal of effort to be more brand-centric. We also worked to improve on the visual representations of our offerings.

What sets Frederick apart from other consultants is that he has been following up closely with us. He is always offering great advice through all our stages of franchise growth with practical knowledge of the best practices and principles of franchisee recruitment.

I highly recommend business owners to engage Frederick to run a brand audit before you embark on your expansion plans.