Transforming Our Business Model with FT Synergist: A Success Story

Candy Lai

Founder of Glow Elixir™

Initial Challenges and Realization
Our company had always focused on distributing Glow Elixir® facial beauty products through third-party beauty centers. This changed when we met Frederick from FT Synergist. After several consultation sessions with him, we realized that to grow our brand equity and revenue stream, and to become well-known to end consumers, we needed to take the driver’s seat.

Implementation of Business Model Transformation
We engaged Frederick from FT Synergist to help us implement a Business Model Transformation project. This initiative allowed us to shift our approach from selling to third-party beauty centers to operating our flagship beauty center. This change enabled our team of therapists to directly interact with end consumers and exclusively use the Glow Elixir® product range.

Benefits of Direct Customer Interaction
FT Synergist’s expertise was invaluable. They helped us understand how to elevate Glow Elixir® among the competition. Their codification of our operational processes for running the standalone Glow Elixir® wellness center empowered us to continually streamline and improve customer experiences. This approach fostered brand loyalty among our end consumers.

One of the most significant benefits of this transformation was the ability to build a direct relationship with our customers. By operating our flagship beauty center, we could ensure every interaction was consistent with our brand values and quality standards. This direct engagement has been instrumental in building strong brand loyalty and recognition.

Insights and Strategic Growth
Additionally, FT Synergist provided us with valuable insights into market trends and consumer behavior. This helped us tailor our services and marketing strategies more effectively. We also appreciated their guidance on leveraging digital marketing channels to reach a broader audience and drive traffic to our flagship center.

With this strategic transformation focusing on an integrated approach to end consumers, we are thrilled to have Frederick alongside us as Glow Elixir® embarks on its next growth chapter. We look forward to continuing our partnership with FT Synergist to achieve our business goals and drive sustained growth.

For more information on how FT Synergist can help your business grow, visit our Business Scaling Services page.

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