Scaling through a business model transformation

Candy Lai

Founder of Glow Elixir™

Our company has always been focusing on distributing our Glow Elixir® facial beauty products through third-party beauty centres until we met Frederick from FT Synergist. After consultation sessions with him, we concluded that we had to be on the driving seat in order to grow the brand equity, revenue stream and be well known to end consumers.

I decided to engage Frederick from FT Synergist to help me implement a Business Model Transformation project that enables my company to remodel its current approach of selling to 3rd party beauty centres and focus on self-operating a flagship beauty centre where my team of therapists can interact directly with end consumers using exclusively the range of beauty products offered by “Glow Elixir”.

We truly appreciated FT Synergist’s assistance to heighten our understanding of how Glow Elixir® can glow like our brand promise among the competition in the market. The codification of the operational process in running the standalone “Glow Elixir® wellness centre has also empowered my team and I to constantly seek to streamline and improve on the customer experiences to build brand loyalty among the end consumers of Glow Elixir® products.

With the transformation of our business model focusing on a strategic integrated approach to end consumer, we are excited to have Frederick together with us as Glow Elixir™ chart its next growth story.